Testimonials & Reviews of our Oil Filter Crushers

For over 20 years we have specialized in providing the highest quality American-made oil filter crushers at very economical prices. During that time we have gotten many compliments regarding our oil filter crushers.  Below is a brief sample of some of those comments from among the thousands of satisfied customers we have had. 

We've sold the most crushers to large-volume quick-lube places but there are a wide variety of other customers including service stations, auto & truck dealers, vehicle equipment & maintenance, local, state & federal governments, marine, off-road, RV, utilities and other operations that involve used oil filters. 

Note: All these comments are from customers who have used their crushers for one to three years, so they have had plenty of time to evaluate their performance, dependability and features. 

Auto Oil Filter Crushers (MF 1000):

“Fantastic…it’s been perfect for us…can’t think of anything to improve on it…the best I ever owned… Like brand new (after 3 years of continued operation)”
      - Paul T.      |     
All Phase Express Lube, Pittsburgh, PA      |      Quick Lube Oil Change


“Really happy with it – the price & the whole 9 yards…nice investment for us…working wonderful…first rate…bought it for both cost savings & environmental reasons.”
      - Tom M.      |      Jim Schmidt Ford, Hicksville, OH      |      Car dealer & service


“Very satisfied…no problems…I’d rate it Good to Excellent…easy to operate…have recommended it to others.”
      - Mike C.      |      Orion County Solid Waste, Union City, TN      |      Local government Solid Waste Agency


“Excellent…mechanical aspects work great…it’s got great pressure to it…no problems”
      - Jamie F      |      Motosports Plus, Kingston, ONT, Canada      |      Motorcycle & Related


“Working great – not any problems with it…been a very good crusher…very durable.”    
      - Mike J.      |      Rumona Unified School District, Rumona, CA      |      School District


Truck/Heavy Duty Oil Filter Crusher (TC100):

“The best we’ve ever had…and we use them so much (1000 buses – everyday)…we ordered an extra crusher as a spare (they bought 8 crushers) and it’s still in its crate after 3 years because we don’t need it, since the others are working well.”
      - Greg T.      |      Metropolitan Transit Authority, Baltimore, MD      |      Municiple Bus Operation


“Works real well…more than enough power – crushes big ole diesel engine filters right on down… no one complaining about anything…EPA & environmental people are all happy with it.”
      -Bobby S.      |      Little Rock AFB, Little Rock. AR      |      U.S. Air Force Vehicle Maintenance


“100% satisfied…good product…like it…good safety features.”
      - Emberto C.      |      Sparks Motor Freight, Garden Grove, CA      |      Motor Freight Operation


“Very happy with it…working great…does a good job for us…no problems with it… we use it on our big truck filters as well as on autos (using the insert plate)”
      - Howard J.      |     Gloria Bee Foods, Eugene, OR      |      Manufacture & Distributor


“Works great…really happy with it…not an ounce of trouble…easy to maintain…has decreased our waste a lot & reduces our disposal costs…safety is great-can’t open it when it’s operating.”
      - Terry G.      |      US Coast Guard, Port Angeles, WA      |      Government Agency


“Working fine…no problems.”
      - Andrew Y.      |      Diesel Service, Inc., Reading, PA      |      Engine Rebuilder


“Works great…does really good…gets them (oil filters) down to about 2” high…great ease of operation – very simple to work…never gives us any problem at all.”
      - Fritz F.      |      Klamath Irrigation District, Klamath Falls, OR      |      U.S. Govt Bureau of Reclamation


“I love the unit…works great…I’m really happy with it.”
      - Jeff M.      |      |Mercer Machinery & Hydraulics, Reading, PA      |      Machinery Dealer/Service


“Works out well…we’re happy with it…does real well regarding crushing power.”
      - John S.      |      Arkansas Oklahoma Gas Corp., Fort Smith, AR      |      Utility


Our customers tell why we are an industry leader today.  And our credibility is further shown by the fact that we are ranked on the first page of all the major search engines (non paid). We are dedicated to providing the best value oil filter crushers on the market. 

We've been selling these oil filter crushers over the Internet for more than four years.  This has proven to be an easy, quick and secure way to order via credit cards.  

If you have any comments, reviews, evaluation or testimonials of our Magnum Force oil filter crushers, would like to hear from you.