Facing Tougher Government Requirements?

Friday, November 19, 2021

Then our oil filter crushers can help you meet goverment demands & problems PLUS save you money on disposal

STATE & LOCAL governments are tightening their regulations as well as increasing their enforcement & penalties. The days of throwing used filters in the trash are over. More governments are prohibiting the disposal of used filters in landfills and are requiring recycling.

FEDERAL regulations classify used oil filters as hazardous waste. However if filters are crushed (which reduces their size by 75-80% & eliminates up to 95% of the oil), they are not considered hazardous. So by crushing filters, you won't have to pay extra costs for hazardous disposal.


If you're paying for the disposal of used oil filters by the volume and/or the number of containers collected, you can reduce those costs by 75-80% by using an oil filter crusher. That's a significant savings which creates a quick payback on the crusher. You can also save money by capturing up to 95% of the oil from the used filters for recycling or by burning the collected waste for heating.

You can rely on us:

We've been manufacturing these oil filter crushers for over 20 years. They have proven to be an industry leader because of their reliability, power, speed, safety & durability. (See our "testimonials" from customers who have owned our auto & truck oil filter crushers for more than 3 years: testimonials ). Our filter crushers are air powered with regular shop air resulting in great maintenance savings by avoiding problems otherwise associated with pumps, fluids, motors, electrical issues, etc.

Don't be fooled by our low prices:

Since we are the manufacturers of Magnum Force crushers, we are selling at factory direct pricing - without dealer markups or added costs. That's why we can sell at a lower price in spite of having high quality & features better than our competition.

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