About Us

Traprock Engineered Products (formerly named Gardner Equipment Co) is the manufacturer of Magnum Force oil filter crushers. We've been producing these crushers for over 30 years & are an industry leader. As the manufacturer, we stand behind our crushers for whatever service or parts you may need in the future.

Our crushers are powered by regular shop air (rated at 120 psi) which provides the competitive advantage of simple, little-or-no maintenance - and no typical problems that typically occur with other crushers: issues with pumps, motors, fluids,  etc.

Our models are more powerful than others on the market. And since we sell direct from our factory, our prices are low because there are no dealer markups. Our crushers are US made (built at our factory in Michigan).

Although we have a one year warranty (mainly to protect us from misuse of the crusher), they typically last for many years. We'd be happy to provide testimonials from our customers if you like. You can't go wrong with Magnum Force crushers!

Traprock Engineered Products, LLC
30152 Woodbush Rd.
Calumet, MI 49913