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We are in the process of moving our facilities to another location and updating our website to better serve you.  If you have any questions, please email mphyrkas@mtu.edu.  *Shipping will be delayed at this time.  

You’ve come to the right place to purchase top quality auto and truck oil filter crushers with all the features you’ll need for efficient, safe, dependable and quick operation – at the lowest prices on the internet. (See the comparison of top suppliers. crusher comparison)

Shipping on all orders will have a freight charge added to the order from Calumet, MI to the shipping destination unless the customer arranges the shipping.

NOTE: Our prices are low because we are the manufacturer, we have all the parts readily available & provide whatever service you may need.  



Featured products

Water Bowls-Plumbing Kit

Quick clamp kit

Water Bowls

Steel water bowl, galvanized (Jamesway) (same as picture FW1509)

Water Bowls-Humane Plastic Water Bowls

Plastic cartridge valve with small and large 0-rings .


(for filters up to 8.5" high & 6" diameter)


(For crushing ALL types of oil filters & containers up to 24" high & 9.75" diameter - mining, truck, off-road, construction, industrial, and other large equipment.) Our "combo" crusher allows you to crush all sized filters in One model - big savings!


(for all types of filters up to 13.5" high & 9.75" diameter) This is a combo model that can crush all filters-auto to large filters in one crusher, so big savings! See study comparing the top crusher suppliers (below)

Water Bowls-Water Bowl Repair Parts (F01&2) valve&gasket

VV-38 valve and gasket.
Filter crushers are the only product we sell so you can rely on us to provide the best solution to your oil filter disposal needs.
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Magnum Force crushers are designed not only for efficiency but also for the safety of your employees. We consider safety so important that we have devoted exceptional effort to develop a unique design to prevent any injury...
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Magnum Force crushers are your best solution for getting rid of your oil filters economically, efficiently, safely and in an environmentally-friendly manner!
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See the Study comparing oil filter crushers. It provides data on prices & key features of major brands & models, including John Dow, Gray, BJ Enterprises, Oberg, OTC (SPX), Ben Pearson, Crushmaster Tire Service, Gray, Hercules, Uniram & Magnum Force.
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